Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is not the first time I have eaten spoon me in the library. So im walking in, carrying all my crap, taking a bite of my frozen treat when i run into Sac. She looks at me all baffled at first, then just starts laughing. "How do you get past security tho?" I don't know...i just walk in. So I join the table and minutes later it becomes apparent that Sac is hungry. "Do you have any food Linx?" No, i don't think so. "But you always have food." Maybe, ill check. I peer into my blackhole of a purse and to my surprise start pulling out, one by one, items I didn't even know were in there. One stick left of a nature valley oats n' honey bar. A third of a chocolate power bar. A bag of crushed oreos. 3 lifesavers left in the silver foil. By this time we are both dying laughing. Cashews. A hershey kiss. An open bag of baby carrots- only 4 left. A bottle of water. Another hershey kiss. Silent, uncontrollable, contagious laughter and so many tears, with huge gasps of air in between. It was the kind of laughter that can only be compared to the time I said Brother Ernie during opening prayer.

In my defense, most of these items are the remnant snacks of our roadtrip. While i've been known to have a food stash on me at all times (as evidenced by sac's disbelief when i said i didn't have any) this was a rare and extreme situation. Liz, however, calls my purse the Mary Poppin's carpetbag, and I'm starting to believe that maybe that description is accurate.


Emily Brooke said...

if only I had known there was a banquet just around the corner!! you WOULD

liz said...

a veritable smorgasborg...(sp?!?!)

(emily, this is your cue to start singing)