Friday, March 5, 2010

he's really docile

Dude! An arrest. A dead person. A naked girl. 2 random people lying in the street. What more could you ask for?

once again, the halfway house delivered a show, and you better believe we were at the kitchen window to witness the whole scene. this time some man was arrested. it was later pointed out that this house has produced every kind of incident in the books...really tho. all types and categories of criminal offenses. mm got'cha covered.

guess who came into work last night? cody kirk. WHAT?! i know...all i could say (literally) is why are you here? like in the state of utah...? anyway i guess he's getting married which is pretty neat. xav came over and we watched, by his request, emp's new groove. sweet. and apparently betty is a rainbow trout, which i'm sure i knew in my heart, just didn't care enough to mentally aknowledge. also let it be known that i am finally embarking upon the journey that is harry potter. i started the first book yesterday. pretty exciting stuff.

the highlight of my day though...which truly is saying a lot...was that emily was on this awesome rant.

"Rumplestiltskin. That's what i am. I'm just grumpy. That is all."

"Dood! these carrots cost 89 cents. its like......what's wrong with them?...Ya know?"

"i feel like i've been fooled. just like you were fooled. don't they want to find love too??"

"to produce them? to harvest them? to ship them to the grocery store?...i mean to have to package them?? it doesn't make sense."

"i'm very marryable...i'm a good. time."

....AND the same time i have to pay 45 bucks for a cotton t-shirt! its like...what is that?!"

perhaps i could offered some words of advice or comfort, but i was just laughing the whole time. i am good for nothing when these types of lines start getting thrown around. i just melt into a ball of silent laughter. which, let's be honest, is all i think she really needs when she's in a poor mood. i always know its gonna be good when her sentence begins with dood.


Emily Brooke said...

correction: Grumplestiltskin.
My favorite part of this rant that you secretly recorded is that it is ALL OVER THE PLACE, bouncing back and forth from one thing to another. But it's true, all I need you to do is laugh at me. Thank you Linx and thank you drug house.